Spring & Summer 2021

 Artist Receptions, Exhibits, and Classes

The Smallest Art Gallery Classes Studio & Shop

118 2nd Street NW

Ortonville, MN 56278


Cell number: 320-226-8213

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The Smallest Art Gallery

Is Hosting  

An Artist Reception


Vicky Radel

Art Exhibit:

Raw Wood Series


In Person Artist Reception:

Saturday, May 29th 2021

From 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Art Exhibit:

May 2nd to June 3rd 2021


3rd Annual

Big Stone Lake Regional Art Crawl

Saturday, June 12th 2021

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Kathleen Marihart

will be located at The Smallest Art Gallery

The 3rd  Annual Big Stone Lake Regional Art Crawl,

Saturday, June 12th 2021

 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This art crawl will showcase a variety of art and artists from the Big Stone region. The artist will be on hand to meet with visitors and discuss their work. The Big Stone Lake Regional Art Crawl is an event where visitors can mingle, stroll, eat, and shop in Ortonville, Clinton Minnesota and

Big Stone City, South Dakota.

Some of the art showcased:


-Wax encaustic


-Fiber Art: Weaving and sewing

-Painting: Acrylic, Oils, Inks, Watercolor




-Metal Sculptures

Free Art Demonstration at The Smallest Art Gallery:

-Artist Barbara Hoffman will be doing a talk/demonstration of her art process of Cold Wax, Saturday, June 8th. Time to be announced.

Activities down by the lake at The Big Stone Art’s Water Plant Building:

-Art on display created by the youth in our community

-Art activities for children of all ages sponsored, supervised, and instructed by the Big Stone Arts Members.

-Music by Lee Kanten

Along with being a fun weekend it is also an opportunity to foster relationships between the arts community and the citizens of the surrounding area.

The Smallest Art Gallery

Is Hosting  

Richard Krogstad

Art Exhibit:

The Big Stone Series

In Person Artist Reception:

Tuesday, June 15th  

From 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Art Exhibit:

June 15th to July 11th   

About me:

My name is Kathleen Marihart. I have purchased and renovated two buildings in downtown Ortonville. This will be an exciting new art location for our region.  

The first half of my life I was an elementary school teacher, then after 25 years, I went back to school and received a Masters of Education and a Reading Recovery Certificate. I have been a Reading Recovery and Guided Reading teacher since 2001. My specialty is teaching reading strategies. I retired from teaching in the spring of 2020.

In addition to having a professional life, I have been a life long artist. I have taken many art classes.  I am a self taught artist who has explored all types of artistic expression over  my life-time. I have created everything from painting to quilting. Since 2011, I have participated in the Meander Art Crawl. I have displayed my art in the SMAC Region Juried Exhibit in Hutchinson, the Horizontal Grandeur in Morris, the K.K. Berge Art Gallery in Granite Falls, the Terrace Mill Wheeler Gallery in Terrace, as well as Java River in Montevideo, Java Jules in Ortonville and the Ortonville Courthouse. I am also a SMAC grant recipient.

I am very excited to offer a variety of art classes during the summer season.

There are a number of very talented artists exhibiting this season at The Smallest Art Gallery. Please stop in the art gallery during the artist reception and meet and visit with the artists.

A number of art classes will be offered this season.

I look forward to having you in the classes! Please feel free to stop by the gallery and introduce yourself.

I am  delighted to be the owner of an art gallery in Ortonville, Minnesota!

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Accordion Book Making Class with Phyllis Joos

Awesome Adventure in Accordion Book Making

Phyllis Joos is a printmaker and book artist from Hancock, Minnesota. Phyllis will be giving a hands-on workshop in making accordion books. Participants will leave with handcrafted books and the skills to create more of their own.

Phyllis will provide beautiful hand-printed papers for students to use in their creations.

All supplies provided.

Instructor: Phyllis Joos

Class size: Maximum 6 / Minimum  3

Adult’s class information:

Age: 15 years and up

Thursday, June 17th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Class Fee: $68.00

To register for a class, please contact:

Kathleen Marihart 320-226-8213

You can also use messenger on the Face Book page:  

The Smallest Art Gallery.

For class fees payment, please mailing to:

The Smallest Art Gallery

118 – 2nd Street NW

Ortonville, MN 56278

Please make your check out to:

The Smallest Art Gallery

and list the class you’re interested in on the memo line.

If you are interested in more than one class

please write a separate check for each class.

Please note: Class fees are non-refundable.

If there is a wait list, and I can fill your position,

your class fee will be returned.

If the class is canceled

then I will send you back your check.

Please note:

If you are looking for information about:

-Kristin Peterson’s painting class: Collage Deconstructed


Phyllis Joos’ Awesome Adventures in Accordion Book Making  

You will need to scroll down the page.

The Smallest Art Gallery

Is Hosting  

Kerry Kolke-Bonk

Title of Art Exhibit

Rhythm and Blues

Art Exhibit:

Friday, July 23rd to Sunday, August 15th

No In Person Artist Reception  

The Smallest Art Gallery

is proud to announce

this year’s Exhibiting

Artists, Art Instructors,

and Author







Fine Art







Eco  printing

On silk



Vintage collage and mixed media

Visiting Artist

in 2022

The Smallest Art Gallery

is excited to have

Phyllis Joos

 is back for a  4th year of teaching  her Awesome Adventures in Accordion Book Making class!

Date: Thursday, June 17th, 2021

Time: 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

CDC Guidelines will be honored


Art Exhibits

Opening in May










Visiting Art Instructors and Author




Visiting Artist

in 2021

“Raw Wood” Series

The inspiration for the "Raw Wood" series started from a discarded section of  two by four that had been brought home from the lumber yard by my husband. It had “imperfections” or “flaws” that made it unusable as structural lumber. When I initially looked at it I saw the beauty of the wood grain and the enchanting shape and depth of areas of decay. As I work with this and other “imperfect pieces”, I find I need to really look carefully and listen to the wood. I often don’t have a plan but follow the natural flow and beauty already present in these pieces. Some pieces have brought forth memories of being a tree expressed by the carvings and stencils of leaves and branches. Others resemble natural landscapes and aspects of nature.

  We live in a throw-away culture, always ready to discard or disregard that which doesn’t fit into our idea of how things should be. This work demonstrates that things or people that don’t fit in one respect can be seen or approached in a different way and be valued and be beautiful through a new way of seeing. But, we need to take the time to really look, not have a plan for how it is supposed to be but be willing to see what is already there and its’ potential for beauty.

Artist Statement

I am a woman that belongs to the prairie. I was born and raised on the Minnesota prairie and left it for the city for 30 years. Twelve years ago my husband and I moved back to the prairie to be stewards of our land. I am blessed to live every day in the amazing beauty and healing of the land. That beauty infuses my work and is seen in the horizons, prairie fires, flowers, grasses, trees, big skies and the colors and textures of nature.

 I started my artistic pursuits with photography and various classes in painting and mixed media. It wasn’t until I took classes in encaustic painting that I felt I had found “my” medium.  I was finally able to achieve the look and the feel I had been looking for. I was thrilled!

Encaustic medium is made of beeswax and resin to which various pigments are added. Layers of wax medium are applied to wood or another porous substrate in a molten state then fused and manipulated with heat. It is an incredibly pliable surface receiving impressions, marks, images and collage elements creating depth, texture and interest. Creative options are many and make work in this medium very enjoyable.

In my experience with encaustic painting, the medium itself is as much a participant in the process as my own ideas. We work as co-creators of each painting. I am often surprised by the interactions of heat with the pigmented wax which will move and shape with my guidance yet often give birth to a texture or blending of color that is unexpected. This creative process is an interactive and interesting journey of discovery and joy.

My recent work in the “Raw Wood Series” has required me to expand my mediums as a mixed media artist working with pigments, stains, carving and alternative elements. I have also begun work with cold wax medium and oil paints. I enjoy working with these new elements and mediums that have greatly enhanced my creative process.

Richard Krogstad

Abstract Representation

The Big Stone Series

This show of my new paintings is the first time they have been seen outside of my studio.  Over the past two years, I have been experimenting with evolving a different approach to my work after 25 years of doing representational paintings.  I call this new work “abstract representation” as the images are recognizable as subjects in nature, but I portray them in a less literal way.  An analogy would be to regard representational paintings as non-fiction and my new, more abstract work as fiction.

The overall name for these paintings is the Big Stone Series since they are based on, and inspired by, the nature of Big Stone County.  My wife Christine and I bought a cabin on Big Stone Lake and now it is our full-time home.  From our deck we look across the lake to the west, facing South Dakota on the other side.  Most evenings we stop and enjoy the sunsets with their infinite variety of shapes and colors.  These sunsets and other natural phenomena are the beginning points for my new paintings.

From my earliest memories, I loved doing art.  I didn’t struggle over what college major I would choose – it was, of course, art.  I somehow got an advertising art director job in Chicago and later began a 20-year graphic design career in Los Angeles, which I then continued in Minneapolis.  When I hit 50, after 25 years in the art business world, I decided to go back to my fine art roots and return to painting full time.  I love the work and enjoy going to my studio in downtown Ortonville every day.

Please find Richard Krogstad’s website at: krogstadpaintings.com


I took two of Phyllis’ classes on bookmaking and each time I came away with feelings of happiness and self-satisfaction. She brought all the material to make the three books in each class and it was all so varied that it was easy to find things that spoke to me. She was patient and kind and very encouraging too. I felt comfortable even though I was not someone who normally does creative things like this.

Chrisy Krogstad

The Smallest Art Gallery

Is excited to have

Kristin Peterson

 She back in 2022 for a 2nd year of teaching art!

Art Class:

Collage Deconstructed

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Class Location:

Ortonville, Community Center

200 Monroe Avenue, Ortonville, MN

Just one block south of The Smallest Art Gallery

Let’s talk paper. And scissors and glue. And then, collage like good paper lovers should.

This workshop will explore collage technique and design with equal attention to the possibilities.

Our focus will be one of freedom, personal style, and creative expression while trying to keep our fingers from being glued together!

This class is excellent for all levels.

All base papers, materials and paints will be supplied for use, however, students will be encouraged to also bring a variety of found papers and other materials, such as their favorite art journal.


Watercolor paper- substrate

Small art journal

Collage papers



Class Fee:

Your instructor will be mixed media artist, Kristin Peterson. She was published in Cloth Paper Scissor magazine for her mixed media cards and has had several paintings published in the Incite: Best of Mixed Media books. She was also published in Stampington’s Art Journal magazine.

Collage Deconstructed

Art Instructor: Kristin Peterson

To register for a class, please contact:

Kathleen Marihart 320-226-8213 You can also use messenger on the Face Book page: The Smallest Art Gallery.

For class payment, please mailing to:

The Smallest Art Gallery

118 – 2nd Street NW

Ortonville, MN 56278

Please make your check out to:

The Smallest Art Gallery

and list the class you’re interested in on the memo line.

If you are interested in more than one class

please write a separate check for each class.

Please note: Class fees are non-refundable.

If there is a wait list, and I can fill your position,

your class fee will be returned.

If the class is canceled

then your check will be returned

This show at The Smallest Art Gallery will be named  ‘Rhythm and Blues’.  I realized when gathering paintings I want to display, that so many of them feature the color blue!!!!  This is not a conscious effort on my part….I just love blue in all shades.  Especially a beautiful blue sky and the natural colors of indigo and deep turquoise.  The rhythm part is the melodic lines and dancing images that I see in many pieces of my work.

I hope you get a chance to come to my show and see what I’ve been up to with ‘Rhythm and Blues’!


Kerry Kolke-Bonk has been painting with watercolors for most of her adult life, but has just recently been all about ecoprinting and encaustics!  She finds these two new mediums are very spontaneous and unpredictable, the exact things she loves about watercolor.  Painting mostly from photographs she has taken herself, she is very interested in nature and all it has to offer. 

The Smallest Art Gallery

Is Hosting  

Deb Meyer

Title of Art Exhibit:

Sri Lanka in Watercolor

In Person Artist Reception:

Date: Thursday, August 19th  

Time: 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Art Exhibit dates:

Thurs., August 19th  to Fri., Sept. 17th   

Art Class for 2022

Art Class

I have always had an interest in art and now, in retirement, I can dedicate more time to a growing passion.  Over the years my need to create has been met through quilting and crafting but since I started painting, all other media has taken a back seat.  I took an online class in watercolor portraits and people are my favorite subject.

“Sri Lanka in Watercolors” is a collection of custom framed watercolor paintings made possible, in part, by funds received through an Emerging Artist Grant from the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council.  The funds paid much of the cost of the custom framing.

“Sri Lanka in Watercolors” is also an opportunity for me to relive the time I spent in Sri Lanka on a mission trip 15 years ago.  I traveled with 32 volunteers from Minnesota to help Sri Lankan coastal villages recover from the devastating tsunami that occurred December 26th 2005,  following an earthquake off the shore of Indonesia.  We were in Sri Lanka for four weeks in February of 2005.

Experiencing a different culture was enlightening as I am not a well traveled person.  The people I met were very gracious, even after losing most of what little they had.  Their smiles and resilience was inspiring.  As I was looking for painting ideas, I remembered the photos I had from this trip. Upon returning home to Minnesota, our group shared photos and I have a volume of 15 CDs containing amazing photos.  Most of the ones that I used for reference photos were taken by Paul Jackson of Monticello, MN.

I hope you get a taste of Sri Lanka from this collection.

CDC Guidelines will be followed at

The Smallest Art Gallery

All visitors will need to wear a mask

and keep six feet apart.




You can see Kerry Kolke-Bonk on: https://www.pbs.org/video/gwcuqc-kerry-kolke-bonk/